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The Controller App

The first part of Touch SDK is the Controller app. You will need an Android watch, and to install the Controller app APK.

Required Devices

  • Android Wear OS Smartwatch
    • Most tested device: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
    • Works on all 4 variations: Classic, non-classic, 44mm and 40mm
      • If you are not sure, we recommend the non-classic (a bit sleaker) 40mm (strap works on smaller hands) version.
    • We don’t have Apple Watch support at the moment, because watchOS doesn’t allow Bluetooth connections without an iPhone in the middle.
  • Optional: Android Smartphone (in order to use Play Store)


  • Play Store install – easier, if you have a phone and you are able to access Google Play Store.
  • ADB install – works without a phone and without Google services.