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Installing with ADB

  1. Setup your watch according to the following 2-minute video:
  1. Download the APK (link)

  2. Sideload the APK to your watch:

    • Enable developer mode on your watch:
      • Go to Settings > About watch > Software info
      • Tap "Software version" 5 times – until a toast notification pops up informing that developer mode is on.
      • Connect the watch to a Wi-Fi network from Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi
      • Go to Settings > Developer options, and enable "ADB debugging" and "Debug over Wi-Fi"
    • Get the IP address of you watch in. Two ways:
      1. Take note of the IP address under the "Debug over Wi-Fi" toggle
      2. Go to Wi-Fi settings, tap on the connected SSID and scroll down to get the IP address
    • Setup adb on a computer which is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the watch
    • Open Powershell or Terminal and run adb connect [ip from previous step]
    • Allow debugging on the watch
    • Run adb install -t "path to apk"
    • You should now find the Controller app from the watch app menu.
    duplicate app

    If you have previously installed a version of the same app from Play Store or from another source, uninstall in your app overview (via press and hold) or adb uninstall [package name] e.g. adb uninstall io.port6.watchbridge

After installing, continue to Test the Tap.