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Demos to Try

Please note that the web demos use Web Bluetooth, which is only available for Chrome and Edge, not Firefox, not Safari.


Do NOT try to pair the watch manually using the Bluetooth settings. Your computer/headset and watch will be paired automatically after both apps on your headset and watch are set up and in use.

Ray-casting Keyboard

This demo is the easiest to test.


Point with your arm to move the cursor, tap to press keys. If the dot drifts a lot, try resting your hand on a still surface to calibrate the inertial sensors.

Needs Web Bluetooth (see top of this page)

AR OS (eye-tracking-only version)

Made for Meta Quest Pro

Use e.g. SideQuest to upload the APK – you’ll need the Advanced Installer.

AR OS Eye tracking.apk

The demo will ask for location access, because it uses Bluetooth.


AR OS runs also on Meta Quest 2, but we don’t recommend using it, because this demo is meant for eye-tracking, and Quest 2 doesn’t have it. The experience isn’t very good in our opinion.

Hue Lights

If you have Philips Hue lights, you can control them with gestures using this demo.

Needs Web Bluetooth (see top of this page)

Please contact us if you want more info how to use this or how to make a mobile version for demoing at meetings.