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The Controller App

⌚️ Install the Watch App

🛒 Required Devices

📱 Installation with an Android phone

  1. Make sure your phone and watch are all set up with the same Google account. On the watch, this is usually done when setting up the watch for the first time out of the box in general.
  2. Find our Controller app in Play Store (link). If it doesn’t show up on your phone, you can try searching for ”Touch SDK by Port 6” on your watch directly.


  1. If you set up step 1 and 2 correctly, you should see the watch as a device that this app can be installed on. Press install.


If you have any trouble, please see Google’s help page (link).

After installing, jump to 👌 Test the Tap.

📵 Installation without an Android phone or if you can’t use Play Store

  1. Setup your watch according to the following 2-minute video:
  1. Download the APK (link)

  2. Sideload the APK to your watch:

    • Enable developer mode on your watch:
      • Go to Settings > About watch > Software info
      • Tap "Software version" 5 times – until a toast notification pops up informing that developer mode is on.
      • Connect the watch to a Wi-Fi network from Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi
      • Go to Settings > Developer options, and enable "ADB debugging" and "Debug over Wi-Fi"
    • Get the IP address of you watch in. Two ways:
      1. Take note of the IP address under the "Debug over Wi-Fi" toggle
      2. Go to Wi-Fi settings, tap on the connected SSID and scroll down to get the IP address
    • Setup adb on a computer which is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the watch
    • Open Powershell or Terminal and run adb connect [ip from previous step]
    • Allow debugging on the watch
    • Run adb install -t "path to apk"
    • You should now find the Controller app from the watch app menu.
    duplicate app

    If you have previously installed a version of the same app from Play Store or from another source, uninstall in your app overview (via press and hold) or adb uninstall [package name] e.g. adb uninstall io.port6.watchbridge

👌 Test the Tap

  1. Wear the watch on either of your hands.
  2. Open the Controller app.
  3. Set which hand you are wearing the watch on – otherwise the gesture prediction doesn’t work.
    • To change the hand, tap the watch screen with two fingers to go to the settings.
    • Press the back button (on the right side of the watch, the one closer to you) to get back to the main view.