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Setting up

Having tried WowMouse, are you feeling restricted by the limited capabilities of a Bluetooth mouse?

Touch SDK enables you to take full advantage of the sensors and other input devices on your Wear OS smartwatch to develop richer and more powerful interactions and applications.

To enable Touch SDK mode in WowMouse, navigate to the in-app settings and turn on "Touch SDK mode". Now, instead of acting as a Bluetooth mouse, WowMouse allows compatible applications to connect to it over Bluetooth using a custom BLE GATT interface, and receive data such as sensor values and gesture events.

To get started with Touch SDK, look up demos you can try, or software for making your own prototypes.

Web Monitor

Open our Web Monitor in Chrome, Firefox or any browser that supports WebBLE to see the data from your watch in real-time. This is a great way to get a feel for the data and to test your watch's connectivity.


If you're familiar with OSC (Open Sound Control), you can also use the monitor to send OSC messages to other applications on your computer. To get started, clone this repo and run the monitor locally.

Open Monitor

AR/VR Demos

Read the following instructions first and download the APK below afterwards.

Setup AR/VR demos

  1. Download WowMouse from Google Playstore via your watch or your Android phone
  2. Install the Demo APK to your Headset
  3. Open the app on Quest, when the allow precise location pop-up appears, select precise location to allow the app to connect to your watch
  4. Open WowMouse and navigate through our onboarding
  5. Go to Settings > Toggle on Touch SDK Mode
  6. Swipe back until you get to WowMouse home screen
  7. As soon as you run the demo on your headset, on the watch should automatically appear a pop-up to confirm “Connect to App”


  1. If the pop-up to confirm pairing doesn't appear on your watch, check if your Quest has been previously connected via HID. If so, navigate to Bluetooth Settings and delete all previously paired or connected devices.

  2. If the cursor is moving upside down, open settings in WowMouse and check if your hand is set correctly.


Do NOT try to pair the watch manually using the Bluetooth settings. Your computer/headset and watch will be paired automatically after both apps on your headset and watch are set up and in use.

Spatial OS (AR/VR)

for Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2/3

For a quick start make sure to follow the Setup above and watch the video or if you have a Quest Pro watch this video [1:30 min]. Use a Quest 3 or Quest Pro for best experience.


Install the Demo APK to your Headset by using e.g. Tango in Chrome or Meta Developer Hub Win | Mac

If you want to compare hand-tracking with watch input activate in spatialOS Settings > Hand-Tracking

Download APK


for Meta Quest Pro

For a quick start make sure to follow the Setup above and watch the video.


Install the Demo APK to your Headset by using e.g. Tango in Chrome or Meta Developer Hub Win | Mac

AR OS runs also on Meta Quest 2+3, but we don’t recommend using it, because this demo is meant for eye-tracking, and Quest 3 doesn’t support it. The experience isn’t good in our opinion.

Download APK

Making Your Own Prototypes

Touch SDK streams interaction data over Bluetooth GATT. Our libraries handle connectivity and parsing, so you can focus on creating interactive experiments.

Our own demos and many research prototypes are made using these libraries, so if you find any reproducible bugs, we would love to know!


For VR and AR. Most tested on Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2.

Get Unity TouchSDK


For any kind of experimenting and hacking. Most tested on Linux and Mac, but should also work on Windows and Android.

Get Python TouchSDK


For creating visual 2D interactables that are easy to share.

Get JS TouchSDK