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With WowMouse we bring you the most seamless way to control the devices around you! Our state of the art algorithms can immediately detect the moment at which your fingers come into contact with each other, giving you access to the most intuitive controller in the world, your very own hands. Using just the Wear OS smartwatch running the WowMouse app, you can control your phone, navigate your smart TV, turn on lights, seamlessly breeze through presentations and so much more.



The app can be installed from Play Store on any device with Wear OS 2 or above. However, some aspects of the app may not work on all devices.

For the best experience, we recommend Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 / 5 / 6 or Google Pixel Watch 2, the devices for which we have most thoroughly tested and optimized for.

Devices we have tested so far, and their status:

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 / 5 / 6 (All sizes and models)
TicWatch E3
TicWatch Pro 3
Google Pixel Watch 2
Google Pixel Watch 1

Google Pixel Watch (1st & 2nd gen.)

Currently, WowMouse can't be installed on Pixel Watches since our gesture detection algorithm does not work on them reliably enough.

Apple Watch

Unfortunately, since watchOS has no support for Bluetooth HID mode, we are unable to provide an app for Apple Watch in the foreseeable future.

Host devices

Any device with support for Bluetooth HID (Human Interface Devices) should be able to connect to WowMouse. Here's a list of operating systems where we've been able to use WowMouse:

Windows 10
Windows 11
iOSRequires setting up AssistiveTouch
iPadOSRequires setting up AssistiveTouch

Note that while most devices running the mentioned operating systems should be compatible, there may be some device-specific issues preventing connection.

Installation and setup

  1. Install WowMouse from Google Play Store. If it doesn’t show up on your phone, you can try searching for ”WowMouse” on the Play Store app on your watch directly.Download WowMouse
  2. Wear the watch on either of your hands. Right handed wear is generally recommended, but you can specify handedness within the app.
  3. Open WowMouse.
  4. When first opening the app on a device with Wear OS 4 and above, you will be asked to grant permissions for connecting to nearby devices. Then you will be presented with short connection instructions, and the option to enable Bluetooth discoverability.
  5. You will then be asked which hand you are wearing the watch on. You may later change this from the in-app settings.
  6. You will be asked to run through a quick sequence of three taps, after which you are ready to get started!
  7. Press on the devices icon and "Make discoverable". Now your watch is ready to be paired with a host device.
  8. On a host device (e.g. MacBook Pro) - go to the Bluetooth settings page and look for your watch as a discoverable device and then select it.
  9. If successfully paired, you should see your watch face go from teal to yellow to indicate successful connection.
  10. You can now move your hands around as you would move a mouse and just tap your index finger and thumb to left click.

Video instructions for pairing



  • If you are unable to discover your watch on any device, make sure that the watch is not actively connected to the phone that it was paired with during the initial setup of the watch ‒ this connection will prevent any other Bluetooth connection from happening. To our knowledge, it is not possible to connect WowMouse to the paired phone.
  • If you are having problems with tap detection or cursor, please:
    • Make sure the watch battery level is at least 30 %
    • Turn off WiFi
    • Make sure the watch is on the same hand as specified in settings, and you're wearing it such that the buttons are on right side of the watch
    • Disconnect all other devices connected to your watch
    • Restart app or watch
  • If the cursor is moving upside down, open settings and check if your hand is set correctly.


  • On some Android devices, you may need to try pairing multiple times before it succeeds. If pairing fails more than three times in a row, try restarting Bluetooth on your Android device before retrying.
  • On some Android devices, the watch may appear as two different devices with the same name. If one of them has a headset icon next to it, try pairing to that one.
  • If you are successfully connected, but input doesn't come through, make sure that when you click the device name of your watch in the Bluetooth settings, "Input device" mode is enabled.

iOS & iPadOS